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VisMin explains ‘fans’ inside Alcantara bubble during openin

Many were surprised with the presence of fans inside the Alcantara bubble of the 2021 Chooks-to-Go VisMin Super Cup during its opening day last Friday.

In an enclosed bubble, no fans should be in attendance unless they are “special guests” and officials who have followed proper quarantine and health protocols.

According to league chief operating officer Rocky Chan, the people in the stands were all local government unit officials from the region who followed strict guidelines.

“The people in attendance were local government unit officials, mayors from the different municipalities, and from the office of the governor. Everyone was tested days prior to the opening and only those who tested in the antigen test were allowed to enter,” he clarified.

“There was also a barrier placed so that they won’t come into contact with our staff and players.”

After the opening day, no one will be allowed to enter the Civic Center, added Chan.

During its bubble season last year, the Philippine Basketball Association also allowed certain VIPs to enter the AUF Sports & Cultural Gym, including Subic Bay Management Authority CEO Vince Dizon. Dizon also had to follow strict protocols.

Source: Tiebreaker Times

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