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Unprofessional And Disgraceful Acts, Not Game-fixing Led To The Suspension, Fine, Expulsion And Ban to Siquijor and Lapu-Lapu

Alcantara, Cebu – Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup Chief Operating Officer Rocky Chan stressed that the sanctions merited to Siquijor Mystics and ARQ Builders Lapu-Lapu City Heroes are due to unprofessional acts of the players and coaches during the game and not because of gambling or game-fixing.

“It’s difficult to say there is game-fixing. As of now, there is no proof to that.” Said Chan in an exclusive interview with the team of Basketball R. However, he added that “Continuous investigation is still being done (by VisMin and GAB).”

With numerous poor play, especially in the second quarter of the match, the Technical Committee of the league reported the situation to the COO who just arrived at the venue late in the second quarter. During a time-out, the chieftain talk to the coaches of both teams to get their respective team to act together and play properly. Despite the confrontation, both teams continue to display successive disgraceful acts that led the game to be called-off at halftime.

The amenable officer of the league also emphasizes that the press release of technical difficulty due to power outage and lack of internet connection was true amidst the allegations in different social media platforms that the league just use it as an excuse to stop the play and be off in all social media associated with the league in the midst of the strange game that was quick to be noticed by Netizens.

Before the viral videos surfaced in social media, the league is already investigating the incident right after the game is halted. After thorough review of the tapes and talk with the people involved in the game, the league handed the following sanctions accordingly.

Expulsion from the current season and ban for life to join any team of the Pilipinas Vismin Super Cup for Siquijor Team, its coaches, players, and staffs:

Head coach: Joel Palapal
Assistant coach: Magenelio Padrigao
Players: Jan Cedric Penaflor
Michael John Calomot
Frederick Rodriguez
Gene Belleza
Jopet Quiro
Isagani Gooc
Juan Andre Aspiras
Desmore Joshua Alcober
Vincent Tangcay
John Peter Buenafe
Ryan Clarence Buenafe

Suspension for the remainder of the first round for Head Coach and players of ARQ Lapu-Lapu City Heroes:

Head coach: Francis Auquico (Plus fine of P30,000 pesos)
Players: Jercules Tangkay (Plus fine of P15,000 pesos)
Reed Juntilla (Plus fine of P15,000 pesos)
Monbert Arong (Plus fine of P15,000 pesos)
Dawn Ochea (Plus fine of P15,000 pesos)
Ferdinand Lusdoc (Plus fine of P15,000 pesos)

Suspension for the remainder of the season for a player of ARQ Builders Lapu-Lapu City Heroes:

Player: Rendell Thomas Senining (Plus fine of P15,000 pesos)

Fine of P20,000 pesos each for the assistant coach and coaching staff of ARQ Lapu-Lapu City Heroes

Assistant coach: Jerry Abuyador
Coaching staffs: Alex Cainglet
Jon Carlo Nuyles
Hamilton Tundag
Roger Justin Potot

Moreover, all the games of Siquijor Mystic will be forfeited and the league imposed a one million peso fine for any team that will do the same disgrace to the game of basketball in the future.

Initially, both teams were supposed to be handed a punishment of expulsion and ban. But eventually, the two teams were given differed sanction and the league lowered the penalty for ARQ Builders as the players and coaches of the team were remorseful and acknowledged their mistake. They stated that frustration got the best of them that led to their poor play and disgraceful acts when the VisMin Super Cup and Games and Amusement Board representatives talk to them after the incident. On the other hand, the Siquijor Mystics never shown intent to apologize and just defended their own side by giving inconsistent and unparalleled reasons that led to the judgment of the Management that there is really an intent to mock the game of basketball and the league itself. Thus, the sanction of expulsion and ban on their team proceeded.

Meanwhile, Rendell Senining got the stiffest sanction from the City Heroes due to his free-throw antics of shooting the first one with his left hand and switches it to his right hand in the second where both shots missed badly as this was deemed by the management a direct insult and mockery to the game of basketball.

Though giving hard sanctions to the erring members of the league, Mr. Chan stated that they are open to lower down the penalties once formal appeal of the people involved is handed to their office.

The incident is definitely a stern warning to the other member teams and players to respect and play the game of basketball as how it is supposed to be played. A strong statement that the league will not tolerate any kind of mockery to the sport that most Filipinos love the most.

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