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Stricter player rotations and lineup management add spice to VisMin’s second conference

The Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup will be implementing new rules to give more opportunities to local talents once it starts its new conference on November 20.

Hearing the clamor of fans and sports stakeholders, and as the league is serious on its bid to showcase the talent of players from the Visayas and Mindanao region and become a developmental league for the people in the South, new rules were put in place for the second conference so each of the seven teams who are fighting for a chance to be the new king of the South.

For the second conference, each team is composed of a maximum 20-man line-up on their roster, but only 15 players are allowed to play each game. The composition of the 15-man team shall be a maximum of 6 players from Luzon/ex-pro; a minimum of 6 players from the VisMin region, and a minimum of 3 homegrown players or the player from the city the team is representing.

Moreover, the five players on the floor will also follow strict guidelines. They must be composed of 2 players from Luzon/ex-pro, 2 VisMin players, and 1 homegrown player every time during the course of the game.

It is also an extra challenge for the coaches on how will they manage to shuffle their lineups with the new rules implemented about the rotation of the players inside the court. But the most exciting part is that homegrown players will have a lot of opportunities, unlike before, where import or ex-professional players were the ones getting the chance to play quality minutes in the game.

So what are you waiting for? Hapit na! ATO NI BAI!

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