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Plans and upgrades were laid down to team officials and team owners during the Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup second conference meeting

The Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup organized an online meeting with team owners and officials to discuss the ongoing preparations for the league’s second conference, Monday afternoon, October 11. No other than CEO Rocky Chan and COO Chelito Caro led the virtual event that lasted for one and a half hours.

The agenda of the meeting includes giving updates on the preparation for the 2nd conference bubble, discussing the new guidelines for players, the requirements for Games and Amusement Board (GAB) licensing, and conducting a question and answer portion for any clarifications.

VisMin officials confirmed Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur as the location of the bubble for the second conference, targeting November 6 as its tentative opening. Also given emphasis during the meeting were the changes in team compositions. The league is allowing a maximum of 20 players on the team’s roster, but only 15 will be allowed to play per game. Of the 15, there will be a minimum of 3 homegrown players, 6 players from Luzon or ex-pro, while the others should be from the Visayas – Mindanao area. Also, the five players on the court at any given time should be limited to 2 ex-pros or Luzon-based players, 2 from any VisMin area, and 1 homegrown or local talent.

Homegrown players are classified as those players who were born in the city or municipality that they are representing or those who are registered voters in their respective teams.

The conference format was discussed with teams playing on a single round-robin basis. The bottom eight teams will be eliminated. The top four teams will have a twice-to-beat advantage against the ranked five to eight teams. The semifinals will be a one-game knockout, while the finals will be a best-of-three. There will be no incentives for a team that will sweep the elimination round, unlike the previous conference. Ties will be settled via winner over the other rule or the quotient system, whichever is applicable.

The salary cap for players was also discussed, with the league allowing a maximum of forty thousand pesos. The requirements for GAB licensing were also mentioned and need to be submitted to the VisMin cup committee no later than October 18, 2021, 12 noon.

How the league will address the issues related to Covid-19 was the most addressed topic in the Question and Answer part with the league and the host city Pagadian, agreeing that all team delegations must be fully vaccinated before entering the bubble.

CEO Rocky Chan informed that the changes in the rules and regulations were based on the requests of fans.

Chino Trinidad, the league’s consultant, also attended the meeting. In the middle of the meeting, he mentioned the reason for the existence of the league. According to him, “This is gonna be a developmental League. We don’t want to end up as a dumping ground. We want to focus on our own homegrown. A younger and more dynamic league.”

Representatives from Bucket Vault PH, the social media group assigned to oversee the social media accounts of the league, also attended the meeting.

Overall, the meeting was a success and everyone is looking forward to a better and bigger second conference of the Philippines Super VisMin Cup.

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