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Iligan City fell short to reigning champs Basilan on Opening Day

After a couple of months of a long lay off, Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup finally opened its new season with a bang.

First offering is the game between the last season’s eventual champions Basilan BRT Peace Riders going odded with a new team Iligan City Archangels.

The tempo of the game at the start is very shaky for both teams but, Basilan sets the tone in the early part of the opening period until one player from Iligan entered the game Archie Salo who finished 12 points off the bench. Then Iligan started the run coming from their bench gunners but, Junjie Hallare had other plans for Basilan as his shot making started to fall and he ended the 1st quarter with 7 points.

At the start of the 2nd quarter, Iligan tried pull away in the game but Basilan didn’t let them to spoil the first game of their title defense, thanks to the hot shooting of Hallare who scored 15 points in the first half and his running mate Nikko Panganiban who added 7 points.

Iligan City’s balance scoring attack kept them in the game, a lot of their role players contributed off the bench Kris Daguisonan, Eugene Torres and Rendell Dela Rea have scored 26 combined in the game. Basilan’s championship experience shown in the latter part of the 2nd period as they finally get the lead 44-43 going into the halftime.

Basilan’s carried the momentum all the way in the 3rd quarter as Hallare waxed out in this period as his scoring kept them to get a decisive lead over Iligan. But Iligan pushed back and finished the quarter, 65-61 in favor of Basilan heading to the 4th.

In the final chapter of the game Hallare continues to be a headache of Iligan, he finished the game with 31 points and 6 rebounds. Panganiban also seems to be a problem for the Archangels, he finished the game with 17 points and 3 rebounds. Iligan slowly fought back in the latter part of the game as they chip away the lead of Basilan into 4 but their opponent’s lead is too much to overcome the deficit.

Hallare and Panganiban’s stellar performances helped the Peace Riders to rout the Archangels to win their first game of the season, 78-75.

Box Score:

Iligan 75- Salo 12, Daguisonan 11, Hoyohoy 12, Tamayo 10, Dela Rea 9, Torres 7, Aparice 5, Quinga 4, Rivera 3, Tolentino 2.

Basilan 78- Hallare 31, Panganiban 17, Lunor 7, Salim 6, Sallidin 6, De Joya 4, Ferrer 3, Luciano 2, Daa 2.

Quarter scoring: 20-20; 43-44; 61-65; 75-78

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