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Get to know two court officials of Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup

Filipino basketball fans love to watch professional and amateur basketball leagues here in the Philippines. But most of the time, they tend to see the calls of the officials against their favorite teams without acknowledging the difficulty of really officiating a real life game.

In the recent show of Ato Ni Bai Sports Connect, two of the league officials, Mr. Arnolfo Bermeo and Mr. Salvador Cortez Jr. shared their humble beginnings, experiences and how did they become league officials in the Chooks-To-Go Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup.

The two court officials started their careers differently. Mr. Salvador Cortez shared that how he started his life as a referee was all part of a hobby, then he realized that he wanted to be an official one because of his passion for sports. Mr. Arnolfo Bermeo meanwhile, started in the year 2000 in U-19 leagues and in year 2002, he took and passed the FIBA Exam then later on, officiated amateurs and professional leagues in the Philippines.

The two referees also shared some of their unforgettable experiences as court officials. Mr. Bermeo opened up that one of his experiences in ‘ligang labas’ was when the fans pulled his shirt because of some calls that were against their favorite team. Also, the seasoned referee told that it was really tough to call amateur leagues in some ‘barangays’ unlike in the NCAA/UAAP where players were trained and educated enough to accept the consequences.

Mr. Cortez, on the other hand, shared his most unforgettable experience in amateur leagues, noting, “After ng game, natalo yung isang team, sinugod kami ng mga coaches and supporters nung team, nagtago kami sa likod ng stage.”

Asked how they were able to join the Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup, Cortez, who will be on his first stint as an official for Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup, said that he was invited by Rey Cañete (technical head of Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup) while Bermeo, who is on his second conference as an official, told that he was invited by the SBP regional director while he was in Visayas. He mentioned that he already experienced some no crowd games and admitted that there was a huge difference that there was no crowd cheering or booing, whereas, only the players were the ones teasing each other and the coaches were the ones yelling at the referees in some point.

And as the Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup nears its return, both referees are excited and looking forward to officiate on games featuring the country’s best players from the Visayas Mindanao area. And as court officials, what they only want to have is the respect from players, coaches and fans.

The Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup is presented by Chooks to Go, in association with MDC ball, Wcube Solutions Inc, Virux, Tolak Angin, Phenom and Bucket Vault PH.

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