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GAB to execute ‘decisive action’ on Lapu Lapu-Siquijor case

The Games and Amusement Board will step in to investigate the controversial game between ARQ Builders-Lapu-Lapu and Siquijor in the Visayas leg of the Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup that took place on Wednesday afternoon.

The game cut short at halftime due to “technical difficulties.” The restart of the game will take place at the end of the elimination round next month.

However, the game saw many off moments, leading the GAB to step in.

“We are awaiting the report of our sports regulators inside the bubble, to be presented and decided upon by the board in our meeting tomorrow,” said GAB chairman Baham Mitra, as there are two representatives from the agency at the Alcantara Civil Center.

Mitra, who has been an advocate of eliminating game-fixing since he was named chairman years ago, said that a swift decision must be made by his agency.

“This needs decisive action as it affects the whole league and while basketball community.”

The game ended with a score of 27-13 in favor of ARQ-Lapu-Lapu. It saw Siquijor only score five points in the opening frame and eight in the second stanza. On the other hand, the Heroes only had four points during the second quarter.

Both squads also attempted and missed an unusual number of free throws.

Siquijor missed all 10 of their free-throw attempts while allowing Lapu-Lapu to attempt 19 in 20 minutes of action. There was also a stretch that saw Heroes forward Rendell Senining miss two free throws. The first one went in left-handed, while the next one used his right.

Moreover, there were many fastbreak attempts for the Mystics, but they could only convert on one.

“We would like to remind our players that a license to practice a profession is not a right, but a concession and a privilege granted by the government. Now, if they fail to abide by the rules, the government has the right to step in to impose necessary sanctions or revoke such a privilege,” Mitra warned.

“Officials, coaches, and players should act as professionals or lose their licenses. Shape up or ship out!”

It is unknown if the league will also be sanctioned by GAB. But for Mitra, the first-ever professional basketball league based in the south should also have the initiative of regulating itself.

“We always believe in self-regulation, but GAB always ready to step in anytime specially when integrity is at stake.”

Source: Tiebreaker Times

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