Pilipinas Vismin Supercup 2nd Conference: Ang Pagbabalik ng Liga ng mga Pilipino!

Hapit Na!
The Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup was founded to provide competitive and world class basketball program to the local talents of Visayas and Mindanao to prepare them for future basketball careers.
To become the most successful professional basketball league in Southern Philippines in years to come.
Core Values

Bringing the best available talent in the Southern region of the country to perform in a highly competitive basketball.


Players and coaches are highly encouraged to exemplifies their unmatched friendliness, readiness and valuable support to each other and to their opponents as well.


Value the worth of every person, teammates, opposing teams, officials and coaches.


To develop creative solutions where new approaches and ideas to propel us into the future that will lead to a better improvement for the league’s development.

About the League
  • The inaugural season will be a bubble type.

  • FIBA Rules will be implemented for games matters and technicalities.

  • The VISMIN Super Cup will be composed of two (2) divisions: Visayas and Mindanao

  • Each division will be composed of six (6) teams.

  • Each division will play in a double round robin classification phase.

Overall Champion Prizes

  • 500K Cash

  • Inaugural trophy

  • Participation fee next conference is free

  • Participation fee next conference is free

Runner-up Prize

  • 100K Cash

People Behind the League

Rocky Enghuat A. Chan

Chief Executive Officer

Coach Chelito Carlo

Chief Operating Officer